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How to Write Cover Letters

Your cover letter can be more important than your resume -- if you really want the job (and if not, don't apply), then write a good cover letter just for that job.


Show your personality. Prove why you're a good candidate.


Here's a great source to get you started:  How to Write a Cover Letter 


What to write in your cover letter:

  1. Start with a compelling story.​​

    • Here's your chance to show your personality and provide an example of what makes you different and fun to be around! Think of a time when you had to overcome a challenge. Maybe you have a special talent or hobby. Start with one item that shows your sparkle!

  2. Mention the job you're applying for, but don't start with that information (see below). 

  3. Provide evidence that proves you understand the job you're applying for, but be brief. 

  4. Include a PS -- Your PS will be the first thing read, so make it interesting! 

    • PS: I'd love the chance to explain how robots have helped me be a better thinker!

    • PS: If I'm fortunate enough to be invited for an interview, I'd love to tell you about the time I was a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show!​


What NOT to write in your cover letter:

  1. Don't start with "I"

  2. Don't say "I saw your job listing" or "I saw your job opening" or anything like that. That's obvious -- you're applying, so obviously you've seen the job listing.  Use your words more sparingly -- get right to proving you're right for a specific job (you DO have to indicate which job you're applying for -- most companies will have many open positions, so you've got to be clear about which one you're interested in!)

  3. Don't address the letter "Dear Sir" or "Dear Sirs"

  4. Don't use exclamation points, especially if any part of your job involves writing!!!!

  5. Don't misspell anything.

  6. Don't be boring. People want to work with interesting people, so your cover letter needs to prove that you are interesting.

UpToWork Cover Letter Tips
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