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Portfolio Tips

If you're an advertising or digital media college student, you need a website! Don’t even question this, you need it.  This page has some options and tips for you. [Note: if you want to build websites for a living, do not use any of these suggestions — build your website “from scratch"!]


The first step to building a good portfolio site is having something to show on that site. So, save your homework assignments in the cloud!

Another option is to be very organized with your homework — save everything in several locations. Include as one of your locations. Then, when you’re ready to build your site, you can import each homework item in an appropriate format. You have to look through many portfolio samples (like the ones listed here) to understand the variety of ways to show different types of files.

THE ABSOLUTE EASIEST WAYS TO HAVE A PORTFOLIO SITE  You should have a LinkedIn account anyway, so why not just upload documents to it and use this as your one-stop web site?

LinkedIn Pro Tip: If your name is hard to pronounce, display a pronunciation icon linked to a recording of you pronouncing your own name.


WordPress or Wix are your best bets, but be prepared for a learning curve. The benefits start with a simple integration of a branded URL for only $17 per year (sign up for this from the beginning, as you are starting your “blog” — it’s more difficult to add this after your site is already built.)  WordPress also automatically creates a mobile version of your site, and even an iPad version, if you’d like. You’ll have dozens of templates to choose from, and options to add a custom header, if you’d like.

WordPress Examples:

Weebly has been consistently offering good web-building tools, and continues to make improvements to its offerings. This is a reasonable source for your portfolio site. Check out some examples and see what you like. Weebly does have a mobile format available, a must!
Wix has some similar tools as Weebly and WordPress.


This is a quick and easy way to bring together all of your social sites, so it’s possible to use this as your one-stop web site.


Some promotional sites

Consider building a site just to promote yourself. It’s a bit different than a portfolio site.


Some portfolio sites

CargoCollective and BehanceNetwork are places where designers can showcase their work. They aren’t really portfolio-building software-based sites like the ones above, they are more like designer communities. But, they’re worth mentioning here because you may find these useful if you are a designer. Some of these services also are plug-in options at and For broadcast majors, post your credentials at

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