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How to Get a Job in Advertising

Maybe you knew from the first day of college that you wanted to work in advertising. Maybe you didn’t realize advertising was a “thing” until your last semester.

No fear! If you want advertising, advertising wants you! Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Attend AdInk meetings. AdInk is a student club for creatives. That’s you if your major or minor is any of these: Advertising, Marketing, Graphic Design, Digital Media, Public Relations, Ag Communication, Creative Writing, Broadcasting/Audio, Sports Media… did we miss anything?

  2. Network. If you’re not sure what this means, you’ll learn at nearly every AdInk meeting. It basically means just talk to people. Talk to your teachers and other students in your classes. When AdInk has guest speakers, raise your hand and ask a question. Shake their hand after the meeting and thank them for coming. Connect with as many working professionals as you can on LinkedIn.

    1. Have you checked out We Are Next yet? Do it. It’s got student/pro networking baked into its purpose.

  3. What? You’re not on LinkedIn yet? What are you waiting for? Here’s a link, just do it now and get on with it!

  4. Check out this HUGE list of jobs and internships in advertising and marketing. (On-campus, off-campus, agencies… it’s all there!)

  5. Look through my Twitter posts. You don’t have to have a Twitter account and you don’t have to “follow” me. Just look. (They’re also right here, to the right, on a desktop, or down below on  mobile.)

  6. Read what’s going on in your discipline. Here are some sources to get you started:

    1. (for free student access!)


    3. Creativity (by Adweek)

    4. Communication Arts

    5. Inside Design (UX perspective)

  7. Attend AdInk meetings. Yeah, that was No. 1, too. But it’s worth repeating. Do you know how many graduating seniors said they wish they would have attended more AdInk meetings? Big piles of seniors, as in World War Z, clamouring to get more of what AdInk offers.

  8. If you want more training, I highly recommend these short but very useful videos by Kevin at Open Door Creative.

Don’t wait — go to the next AdInk meeting! Thursdays 4:00-5:00, top floor of the Union, Meeting Room A or B, or maybe even D, but just look for our banner!

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