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How to Get a UX Job

So, you want to be a UX professional…

If you think you might want a career in UX, you should become familiar with all of these sources:


  1. In Kansas City, be sure to join UXPA-KC

  2. Free UX eBooks by UXPin

  3. Invision Fireside Chats
    In-depth video conversations about design systems.

  4. UXPin Virtual Summits
    Look for the “Virtual Summit” video collections. You can also look here for more.

  5. Jakob Neilsen: Nielsen Norman Group
    Look through Neilsen’s site, . Read the reports and articles. Check out their top stories and resources of the year page.

  6. Jared Spool: User Interface Engineering
    Look through Jared’s site, .  Read All You Can Learn, Articles, and anything else.

  7. Jesse James Garret: The Elements of Use Experience
    Read this classic book about UX. See the original diagram that is the basis for UX design.

  8. Steve Krug:  Don’t Make Me Think
    To get you started, here’s a free sample chapter.

  1. Design Lab’s UX Academy

  2. UX-focused training via Train yourself in specific UX areas using Lynda’s online training modules.

  1. Leaders of UX Awesomeness — Free UX strategy discussions with Jared Spool and other high-level UX pros

  2. Inside Design by Invision

  3. Studio by UXPin

  4. UX Collective

  5. UX Planet

  6. Ideo


  8. Adele Design System Repository by UXPin

  9. Mulzi Chrome Extension




  2. UX Cake

  3. Google Design “Method”



  1. Product Tribes

  2. UX Mastery

  3. Here’s a directory of Slack communities



  1. LinkedIn UX jobs and internships — Be sure to customize this for your own locations.

  2. Google: Find UX jobs near you

  3. AIGA jobs board

  4. IXDA jobs board



  7. Krop — Results for UX and UI


  9. — find a remote job

  10. Crema — KC UX-focused agency

  11. Nerdery — UX-focused agency in KC and a few other cities



  1. Catchafire — find a remote job or gig



  1. Look through a variety of portfolios...

If you’re really serious, get a mentor!

  1. UXPCK has a mentorship program, hopefully it's still operable. Meet people who work in UX in Kansas City… many of them are Bearcats!

  2. Use LinkedIn to find Bearcats who work in UX. Connect with them.

  3. Ask for help — they will help you.

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