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Media Plan Assignment Support Page

The Media Plan assignment was pretty huge, especially for freshmen and sophomores. We went through the entire advertising process, from research to making media buying decisions, in about 8 weeks. 


Below is an example assignment when we focused on Levi's SecondHand as our "client". The assignment was broken into several research parts followed by the actual media plan assignment. Afterward, there was a creative assignment tied to the same client research. 

After the media plan, students created a sample print advertisement, which is the Creative Assignment, below.

Once we began to make media decisions, we used these media-specific  support pages: 

Levi's SecondHand Client Research

1st Research Part

Secondhand/Resale Industry

2nd Research Part

Company Overview

Levi's SecondHand Product Research
Levi's SecondHand Target Research

3rd Part

Target Audience

Media Plan

This document is the entire media plan assignment -- it includes improvements to the previous research assignments, according to the feedback I provided. 

The new part of this assignment is combining all of the research and making media decisions that fit your findings. 

Levi's SecondHand Media Plan Assignment
Creative Assignment, Levi's Secondhand

Creative Assignment

The creative assignment aligns with all the research related to the media plan. Why not, right? You've already done the company, industry, target and media research, now you're ready to prepare the right message for your target!

My Creative Concepts Pinterest boards:

Support Page for Media Plan Assignment

The following is a collection of support material I posted to supply additional resources for students working on their media plan assignments.  Sources would change depending on which client we focused on; this support is for Levi's SecondHand, a client we used for the 2021/22 academic year.

Secondhand Industry & Levi’s SecondHand Profile


—————————————- first paper:

Secondhand/Resale Industry

Company Overview


———————————————  second paper:


Target Audience

Demographic Elements of Secondhand Shoppers

  • Use relevant information from ThredUp’s 2021 Fashion Resale Report, especially age-related information.

  • You’re only focusing on age only, so, you don’t have to cover any other demographic elements.

  • Write about all of the potential target groups, but your focus will be Gen Z.

    • Look hard at the “Transforming Closets” and “Who Thrifting & Why” sections.  Pull as much information as possible about why Gen Z buys secondhand, how they buy secondhand, and anything at all related to Gen Z’s interest in secondhand. 


Psychographic Elements of Secondhand Shoppers

  • Use relevant information from all of your sources to describe why Gen Z is interested in secondhand clothing.


Geographic Target


Why My Target is the Perfect Match for Levi’s SecondHand

For this section, you are “connecting the dots” of your paper. 

Connect the dots — here are some made-up examples of what that means(this stuff isn’t real, don’t use it in your paper!):

  • My target wants…

    • Gen Z is 68% more likely to follow influencers who focus on secondhand fashion.

    • etc. 

  • Levi’s SecondHand offers…

    • SecondHand provides patches to customers who submit personal secondhand stories. This allows the customers to publicly display their secondhand interest.

    • etc.

There are MANY dots to connect, I’m just giving you two examples to get you started. 


—————————————————  media plan:

Support Pages:


—————————————————  creative assignment:

Jacquie’s Pinterest boards:

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